making absinthe the hard way

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Once fashionable, then banned, absinthe has risen from the ashes of 19th century depravity like a 21st century phoenix, poised to unleash the green fairy on the mind controlled masses of planet Zombie.
Well, maybe not that dramatic, but it stands alone as THE beverage that can successfully de-construct social conditioning by eliminating inhibitions and freeing your true self.
If you want the real thing, you can go to Czechoslovakia, where the EU doesn't control the amount of wormwood, or you can make it yourself. I chose the later.

Keep in mind, real absinthe is still illegal in most parts of the world and for good reason. Absinthe is more than the sum of it's parts and the complex herbal mixture was once a medicinal fluid from the alchemical days with very potent curative properties. It also has the unique ability to drop the walls of conventionality and lets you see the world in a different way with the green fairy as your personal muse.

How can all those impressionists be so wrong?

Just so ya know, my car runs on this stuff.