An in-depth video on how to make authentic Sake at home.
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When making authentic Sake there are just four simple ingredients clean water, polished rice, Koji mold and yeast. The Japanese try to use the best of the best of all four ingredients to make premium Sake.
Step one: Making Moldy Rice - Measure out 400 grams of rice and wash it under cold water. Then strain off any excess water and steam the rice. After the rice is cooked place it on a flat surface to cool down to 82-86F. Add your Koji mold spores to the rice making sure to sprinkle it all over. Now you’re ready to place your inoculated rice in a clean container and start the incubation. It is recommended to allow your mold to grow on your rice for three days at 82-86F. During the three-day incubation period, you should uncover your rice and mix it twice a day.

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