How to make absinthe, simple and delicious homemade recipes
Absinthe recipe, homemade alcoholic drink
The recipe based on Absinthe Suisse de Pontarlier 1855 and Absinthe Extra-Fine 1891 recipes.
According to my experience.
Absinthium (dried out) - 100 g, flowers and small leafs
Anise seeds - 50 g
Fennel seeds - 50 g
Alcohol - 950 Ml, 95% ABV
Water - 200 Ml

For pigmenting:
absinthium - 0,5 g
hyssop - 10 g
melissa - 5 g

Cooking process:
Mix alcohol with water (water into alcohol). Fill up an empty jar with herbs and seeds and blend it all. Let it infuse in the darkness at room temperature muddling it every day. Let it infuse minimum 2 weeks, in my situation it was 1 month.
Than pour out 700 Ml of water with herbs infusion into the boiler.
The distillation must be done at ash fire by using moonshine still with valve.
ATTENTION! The distillation is highly inflammable!
You must separate the hearts drop by drop.
I’ve separated 20-30 Ml of foreshots being guided by smell, than separated slowly about 3-4 drops per second. Totally I’ve got 900-950 Ml of hearts and you must be very carefully with the last 100 Ml, because the tails arrive very strident. After 500-600 Ml you can see the absinthe’s becoming yellow - it’s ok.
After the distillation pour 400 Ml into another jar and fill it up with herbs for pigmenting (you can use different herbs for it). Let it infuse about 2 days in the dark place. You need pigmenting for making our absinthe green and for taste correction. You may skip the pigmenting stage.
Than mix the infusion for pigmenting with another part of absinthe and filter it. Add water if ypu want to water it down, I watered it down till 72% ABV (Alcohol by volume).
Put it into the dark place for aging from 1 week till 1 month.
Absinthe may consists of big amount of absinthium but the bitterness is mild. You can not only drink it in pure form (it must get cooled down), but also with cocktails.

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